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How long does the effect after sugar waxing?

Despite the fact that the human skin at all individual, averaging effect lasts 2-4 weeks .

Can the allergy to Sugaring?

Sugar waxing does not cause side effects due to its natural composition and the lack of chemical additives.

What rules should be followed after the procedure?

Use a scrub when taking a bath, after which the skin is necessary to apply lotion or cream.

Can I go tanning right after shugaring?

Since after the procedure, the skin will remain without hair in the early days may be subject to too strong dose of ultraviolet radiation, so it is advisable to sunbathe in 4-5 days.

Do I need to spend what - or procedures before Sugaring?

No special training is required.

If certain areas of hair is too long is it possible to conduct the procedure shugaring?

Yes, of course you can! After a short treatment specialists will process sugar depilation.

How long does the procedure take?

Everything depends on the area of ​​the body. If we are talking about the bikini area, it will take 15-30 minutes. When processing the legs 30 min. armpits and 10 minutes.

What is different from shugaring wax depilation?

Beside the fact that sugar waxing less painful, this method is more effective in removing unwanted hair as the hair is removed by hair growth.

Preparing for Shugaring

Procedures to Shugaring 

It is desirable to take a shower, as well as take advantage of body scrub. 

Discard the cosmetics after a shower. 

Hair length should not be less than 4.5 mm.

Recommendations after the procedure

AFTER procedures Shugaring 

Please refrain from the use of the sauna, solarium, gym at 24h after the procedure. 

After 3 -5 use scrub. 

Do not let dry skin, apply moisturizer constantly

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   Ever since the days of ancient Egypt and Persia women thought about as welcome to stay for their men , and then found a way to remove unwanted hair from certain parts of the body . - Sugaring , which means sugar depilation .


  Since then, the method has undergone minor changes , indicating that it efficient to achieve smooth skin.

Quality of work performed by our craftsmen will show you exactly shugaring advantage to a multitude of other methods of depilation skin.


   We are confident that the remaining Sugaring is safer methods. This is primarily due to the duration of hair growth after the first procedure . Depilated unwanted hair in this manner , resistance effect lasts about four weeks , which leads to the maximum intervals between visits to the studio depilation.


   Trusting in our studio masters in Moscow epilation with extensive years of experience, demonstrate to yourself and those around you men the standard of female beauty.


   Our studio helps women maintain their original beauty . In fact , that may also increase confidence in themselves as ladies smooth soft skin.

Hair removal leave the house is a service provided by our studio for residents of the capital Moscow


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